Want a pull a fun prank on a friend? Pineapple Punch
has just the thing for you.

Paint Spray
Ever had your screen attacked by a wild spray can of paint? Pineapple Punch has a magic spray can that will go crazy on your friend!!!
Funny Faces
Beware of Pineapple Punch! He loves to play pranks and now he is going to be doing it on your computer!
Cursor Ghost
Help!!! A ghost is following me! Can you get away from the ghost on your computer?
Egg on your screen!
I've heard of 'Egg on your Face', but 'Egg on your Computer Screen'? Believe it! Pineapple Punch is at it again!
Oh my God! Your computer just got attacked by a virus! It just shut down!
Cursor Pencil
Do you like to draw? You have to even if you don’t want to!
Screen Bomb
What do I do? A bomb just exploded on my screen!
Blast the Bomb
Can you help Pineapple Punch blast the bomb?
Mars Attacks
Aliens! You have nowhere to run! They are going to get you!
Stuck Cursor
My cursor is stuck! How do I get out of here??
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