Candy Corner

ITC launched Candyman range of confectioneries in August 2002. Constantly re-inventing with innovative and multi-flavoured confectionery, Candyman has grown to become the favorite across the country. The exciting range includes Eclairs, Toffees, Hard-boiled candies, Jelliesand other types of confectionery in exciting flavours and unique formats.


Candyman Choco Double Eclairs contains two layers of chocolate in a single Éclair. It’s double the chocolate and double the fun!

Choco Double Eclairs

Who can say no to the tasty combination of milk and caramel? Savour the experience of chewing into the soft caramel shell that reveals a delicious milky crème center

Milky Eclairs

Candyman Eclairs is ideal for satisfying your craving for something sweet. This chocolaty toffee has a delicious taste that makes it irresistible. So relish the yummy chocolaty flavour of this toffee while you are on-the-go.

Eclairs Toffee


An absolute favorite with kids and adults alike, Duochoo is a two-color, soft, chewy toffee with the feel of rich strawberry milkshake. Now comes with a free tattoo in cool designs to add to your delight.


Relish the taste of fresh strawberries with Candyman Toffichoo. With this soft and chewy toffee in your bag, you will never miss the taste of your favourite fruit.


Candyman Cofitino is prepared using select coffee beans, this toffee has a rich flavour that will get you addicted.


Hardboiled Candies

Clear, glossy and smooth candies that easily glide on the tongue to give you a delightful fruity experience. Relish the exotic flavors of Blackcurrant, Litchi and Ripe Mango.

Fruity Delite

Candyman Crème Lacto provides a crème-full candy experience. With the goodness of milk and crunchy caramel, this candy is truly irresistible.

Creme Lacto

The first-ever layered candy in India, Crunchy crumbles instantly into many pieces and triggers a ‘peanut’ explosion in your mouth, leaving you wanting for more


The original taste of childhood, spicy chat masala on raw mango and pineapple, now comes in the form of candy. Candyman's Tadka with tangy masala powder inside gives you a tangy twist that you’ve always loved.


A candy with a striking look and smooth natural fruit flavor experience, comes in raw mango and ripe mango flavours. You will never want to miss this awesome candy experience.

Clear Candy

Candyman Fruitee Fun brings you a wide range of candies - Orange Josh, Pineapple Punch, Wild Banana, and Mango Delight. These yummy candies boast a rich, fruity taste that is sure to be loved by one and all, irrespective of their age. Delight and pamper your taste buds with Candyman Fruitee Fun.

Fruitee Fun

Multi-Unit Packs

Jelimals are pulpy and juicy yummy bear shaped jellies that come in 4 popular flavors - mango,strawberry, orange and pineapple. Now, there's a free surprise toy in each pack to add even more fun!


Masala coated jelly beans to add the right amount of zing to your day . Available in popular flavors of Cola & Raw Mango

Tadka Time